A Tribute to Leatherface (2008)

Years in the making, Rubber Factory Records presents a Tribute to LEATHERFACE [UK]. 38 Bands from eight countries. Double cd in a card gatefold jacket, 2K copies hand assembled by the crew in Toronto. Released Feb 10, 2008. OUT OF PRINT "manic fun" -Jack Rabid (Big Takeover NYC) "reminds me of when people did this out of passion, thanks for that" -Hugo Mudie (artist) "solid collection played with sincerity & vitriol" -Sam Sutherland (author) "outstanding and well worth the wait" -Frankie Stubbs (N.R.F.B.) "prodigious effort showing appreciation and love" -Chris MacDonald (author/tattooer) "they should have given up after MUSH" -Sean Forbes (Hard Skin) cover illustration by Cristy Road (croadcore.org) RIP to those we have lost. For the sons of Sunderland. MUSH DIE WELT To support LEATHERFACE... spend spend spend at LITTLE ROCKET RECORDS UK littlerocketrecords.co.uk rubberfactorystore.com Splits held c/o Rubber Factory & manually distributed to songwriters.